Multichannel Merchant quotes Stuart Rose, Managing Director Tully & Holland, Multichannel Merchant Group, regarding Boston Apparel Group lay off and facility closing

June 9, 2011 - Monomoy Capital Partners established multi-title apparel mailer Boston Apparel Group following the 2008 acquisition of Redcats Missy catalogs and 2010 purchase of Casual Living. The ex-president of Sharper Image Corp. and Crosstown traders became CEO in January. 

Stuart Rose comments that Boston Apparel Group has had "extreme difficulties" with its fulfillment operations. "I would guess back orders and missed demand affected sales and that is probably the root cause". As a result, Boston Apparel has announced it will lay off more than 300 workers at its former Chadwick's of Boston facility beginning later this month. 

Rose notes, "They have to make the systems work. I've been in companies with systems problems and it's no fun. You have to eliminate every error."