Multichannel Merchant quotes Chris Kampe, Tully & Holland's Retail Group Managing Director, regarding the Galls and Quartermaster merger.

February 6, 2012 - Galls, a B2B merchant of public safety equipment, has merged with Quartermaster, a specialty distributor of public safety products. Quartermaster had been owned by Parallel Investment Partners since 2005, "so they have been in the investment for six years," says Chris Kampe, Tully & Holland's Retail Group Managing Director. "Typically, the hold period is five years so it was high time for Parallel to exit its investment. Galls was really the quintessential strategic buyer for Quartermaster because of the overlap in products carried and markets served."

Quartermaster and Galls were direct competitors in the police and public safety markets for uniforms and accessories. Galls serves about 1 million customers, while Quartermaster has 100,000 active customers. "Quartermaster also serves military, so Galls will gain access to this new market," Chris says. "My sense is that Galls has been more focused on uniforms. Quartermaster, I believe, is much stronger online."

Jim Duncan, current CEO of Quartermaster, will become the president/CEO of the combined company. Quartermaster has a distribution center in Cerritos, CA; Galls has one in Lexington, KY.

Founded in 1974, Quartermaster is particularly strong in private security and sells its products through an ecommerce platform, seasonal product catalogs, and four retail service center locations. 

Founded in 1967, Galls is particularly strong in police equipment and sells uniforms, duty gear, footwear, medical supplies and other products used by law enforcement, fire safety, emergency medical, private security and corrections personnel.