Chris Kampe, Managing Director, Tully & Holland Discusses Sale of Majority Stake in J. Jill by Golden Gate Capital

March 17, 2011 - Multichannel Merchant quotes Chris Kampe, Managing Director of Tully & Holland's Retail and Consumer Group in an article published in Cross Channel, the section that covers synergies between print catalogs, websites and stores.
The article discusses the sale by Golden Gate Capital of a majority stake in J. Jill, the women's apparel merchant, to Bahrain-based global investment firm, Arcapita Bank.  Chris Kampe comments, "J. Jill's business improved markedly during Golden Gate's ownership, most likely weighted in growth in the catalog and online business. This is allowing Golden Gate to exit with a healthy return.
Kampe believes Arcapita will support J. Jill's current management team's growth strategy and probably seek to exit at a higher price in three to five years.
Chris added, "As with most private equity buyers Arcapita will probably offer an incentive plan that provides management with enormous potential rewards for growth and successful exit in the future."  The firm will also likely provide "an organized planning process that refocuses the target company on key value drivers, such as operational efficiencies, and aggressive growth" he says.
Tully & Holland Inc. is a leading US investment bank that provides sophisticated corporate finance advisory services to consumer product companies with special emphasis on retailers, Multi-Channel marketers, food companies, and consumer product manufacturers/distributors. Chris Kampe, Managing Director of Tully & Holland' Retail Group, has 20 years experience in investment banking and corporate finance.