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"Tully & Holland was a solid partner. They provided industry expertise, doggard determination, skillful negotiating and integrity beyond reproach."

Featured Interns

Featured Analyst Summer 2015

Jack Laurendeau
Boston College, Carroll School of Management, MBA Candidate, Class of 2016
Contact Jack: laurendj@bc.edu

Jack is a candidate for dual MBA and MSF degrees at Boston College. His prior work experience was at Brown Brothers Harriman in the Investor Services group where he was responsible for overseeing a team handling BNY Mellon and Fidelity clients. Jack graduated in 2011 from College of the Holy Cross, BA Economics. Outside of work, Jack enjoys golfing and cross-fit workouts.  He also enjoys spending time during the summer months on Cape Cod and the islands, where he participates in deep sea fishing tournaments with his relatives. 

"As an analyst at Tully & Holland I was able to gain great exposure to the investment banking industry while working alongside the President and Managing Directors on a multitude of deals in the consumer products industry.  Thanks to T&H being a boutique investment bank, I was actively involved in all aspects of the M&A process as an analyst and I assumed a broad range of roles and responsibilities.  My daily responsibilities ranged from industry and company research, researching potential buyers and sellers, preparing pitch books, writing confidential information memorandums, and building financial analysis and valuation models.  In thanks to the collaborative environment at T&H, I felt as though my work each day made meaningful contributions to all of the active deals the professionals were engaged in.  I am very fortunate to have gained valuable client exposure from being a participant in conference calls, pitching to new clients, and through attending management meetings.  The hands-on training and learning experience at T&H allowed me to build upon the skills I developed in my first year of business school and provides a strong foundation to launch a future career in M&A."

Featured Analysts 2014-2015

Madhu Chaudhary
F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College, MBA, Class of 2015
Contact Madhu: mchaudhary1@babson.edu

Prior to joining Tully & Holland, Madhu advised Zuna Capital Partners, an India-Focused Special Purpose Buyout Fund setup to acquire a small to mid-sized company with an exposure to the Indian economy. At Zuna, his responsibilities included deal sourcing, site visits, valuation and due diligence. Prior to Zuna, Madhu covered US, UK and Indian retail and consumer stocks for Sequence Capital, a New York headquartered long/short hedge fund. As part of the fund's team of global analysts, he generated long/short investment ideas in the Retail and Consumer sector through a fundamentally-driven research process. Apart from recommending stocks, he also assisted portfolio managers with position sizing as well as portfolio risk analytics.  He holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Finance & Investment from the University of Exeter, UK. 

"A career in Investment Banking is characterized by a demanding and high stakes environment as you are helping entrepreneurs and investors execute critical strategic initiatives that have the potential of truly transforming their personal and professional lives. As a result, although I was only working part time for Tully & Holland while the school was in session, the intensity and engagement at work was similar to what I felt like as a full time employee prior to my MBA. Further, due to the highly entrepreneurial nature of the firm, I was given the opportunity to contribute to a number of aspects of the business from live deal execution to marketing, allowing me to get both broad as well as deep understanding of the investment banking business. Whether it was searching for a potential buyer for one of our consumer products company clients or preparing a full blown valuation model for a retailer, I was able to develop a comprehensive toolkit of financial analysis skills that will be extremely helpful in my post MBA career. Financial Analysis, though is just one part of the investment banking puzzle, as one also has to constantly pitch to new clients and interact with the existing ones. I was fortunate to have gained client exposure, during conference calls or in-person meetings, and develop the soft skills that sometimes are as important, if not more, than technical skills in a front office role. Overall, what I initially thought was just another MBA project, ended up being a defining feature of my MBA as it added important elements to my profile and prepared me well to re-join the work force after two years of study break."


Louis Civitarese
Boston College, Carroll School of Management, Master of Business Administration, Class of 2015
Contact Louis:  l.civitarese@gmail.com

Louis Civitarese was an MBA intern analyst at Tully & Holland. Prior to joining the firm, Louis had over four years of experience in financial services sector including alternative investment services (The Bank of New York Mellon), long/short equity (Confluence Capital LP), global macro funds (Three Rivers Diversified Capital LP) and Private Banking (Wells Fargo & Company, Option Strategies Group). This previous work experience gave him unique insights into identifying client needs from an investor's perspective and ultimately helped to provide clients of Tully & Holland with unmatched services within Food & Beverage sector for middle market companies.

"While I worked on many projects, I was primarily responsible for the management of a buy-side client (two private equity firms) seeking to purchase a middle market food company. I reported directly to Tim Tully, President of Tully & Holland. My daily tasks included sourcing new companies for the review of Tim Tully, and later by the client. I also participated in the weekly conference call with the clients. In addition to this assignment, I had the opportunity to work with the other Managing Directors at T&H on Pitch Books, Valuations, Confidential Information Memorandums and Teaser Letters."

"My internship at Tully & Holland provided me with the opportunity to work in a friendly, collaborative environment on a broad array of projects which were vital to the firm." 

Featured Analyst 2012-2013

Kenneth Graves
F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson - MBA in Finance, Class of 2013

Kenneth Graves graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2013 from F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College with an MBA in Finance and Investments. For that same year, he was also Babson's "Finance Award" recipient for graduate leadership. In his time at Babson, he served as the Executive Portfolio manager of the Babson College Fund, the student-led portion of the college endowment, and was Graduate President of the Babson Investment Management Association. Kenneth has over fourteen years of experience in technology and media, working for companies such as CBS and RCA Technicolor, designing and implementing digital media solutions as an engineer and manager. As an entrepreneur, Kenneth has started companies both in the finance and social media fields, and is a US Veteran. He holds undergraduate degrees in Classical Literature and Film Technology. Kenneth lives in Wellesley, MA with his wife and two children.

"As a career changer, I looked for an analyst experience that would allow me to build on my past background both as a manager and entrepreneur. Tully & Holland offered just that kind of opportunity, allowing me to take on key responsibilities in numerous buy-side and sell-side opportunities. From day one I was actively applying what I had learned in graduate school and in my prior business experience. Analyzing industries and companies and understanding market drivers are all key factors in M&A and finance advisory. By working on a daily basis with Tully & Holland's world-class Managing Directors, the internship gave me an excellent grounding on how these factors operate in lower middle market investment banking. Specific activities included building valuations and models, developing buyer lists, writing management presentations and information memorandums, and creating pitch books and industry reports. The mentoring and hands on experience at Tully & Holland has provided me an outstanding platform to complete my career transition."

Featured Analyst 2010-2011

John Ivey
Boston College Carroll School of Management MBA, Class of 2011

John Ivey is a 2011 graduate of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, where he received his MBA with a specialization in Corporate Finance. He is also a 2004 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where he received a B.S. in Economics with Merit Honors. In addition to his studies at Boston College, John was an active participant and finalist in the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Investment Banking case competition and a feature writer on Mergers & Acquisitions for the Boston College Financial magazine. Prior to joining Tully & Holland, John served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy, conducting Anti-Piracy Operations, Maritime Interdiction, and other operations in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. John hails from Weston, MA and enjoys all Boston sports teams, golf, fishing and spending time with his wife and two children.

"Working as an analyst at Tully & Holland was a tremendous experience. As a key supporting member to a team of senior deal makers, I was continuously called upon to assume a broad range of roles and responsibilities. While many boutique investment banks were attempting to weather a turbulent economy, Tully & Holland was busy driving several processes to closing affording me a unique opportunity to learn the industry and contribute to the firm's success. I was actively involved in all aspects of the M&A process for numerous buy-side and sell-side advisory assignments, including five closed transactions. Working closely with Managing Directors across each of Tully & Holland's core practices in the Consumer sector gave me meaningful and unique investment banking experience and an outstanding foundation to launch my M&A career. Some specific roles and responsibilities included authoring information memorandums, conducting extensive valuation and modeling work, developing buyer lists, building management presentations, developing pitch books, managing data rooms and actively participating in pitches for potential clients. The professionals at Tully & Holland are the best in the business and were instrumental to the valuable skills that I developed since I began working there."

Featured Analyst 2009-2010

Spencer Godfrey
Boston College Carroll School of Management MBA Candidate, Class of 2010

Spencer Godfrey is a second year MBA Candidate at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, with a specialization in Asset Management. On campus, Spencer complements his studies with involvement in the Graduate Finance Association, the Center for Investment Research & Management, the CFA curriculum, and is a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society. Prior to joining Tully & Holland, Spencer worked for five years as an underwriter with AIG's Commercial Insurance division, where he spent three years underwriting Kidnap & Ransom insurance for AIG's Latin American division, and two years underwriting large commercial casualty programs for AIG's Domestic Brokerage Group. Spencer is from Boston, MA and enjoys golf, skiing, rugby, running, and triathlons.

"As an analyst at Tully & Holland, I have had the opportunity to work with Managing Directors on a variety of transactions in the consumer product goods industry. Through this opportunity, I have gained hands-on experience in investment banking which has been an excellent compliment to my classroom studies. My primary responsibilities include preparing presentation materials, assisting in the drafting and development of information memorandums, pitch books, management presentations, as well as articles for submission to trade publications. Additional responsibilities include building and maintaining financial models, assisting with valuing businesses, as well as conducting industry and company research for ongoing and potential deals. My experience at Tully & Holland has been excellent for me, as I have been involved with several deals and have made meaningful contributions to the team effort. The hands on training and learning experience I have had with Tully & Holland has given me a solid foundation from which I will launch my career."

Featured Analyst Summer 2008

William Wood
Amherst College Class of 2009

Bill Wood is a senior at Amherst College, majoring in Economics. Outside of the classroom, he has played varsity football and has participated in a variety of clubs including the Amherst Investment Club. Prior to joining Tully & Holland, Bill interned in New York City at The Nemec Financial Group of Northwestern Mutual focusing on financial planning. Afterwards, he was subsequently hired by Pioneer Financial Group as a research consultant advising on various marketing, management, and expansion related activities. Bill is from Saint Petersburg, Florida and enjoys golf, football, water sports, and learning German in his spare time.

"As an analyst at Tully & Holland, I was able to capitalize significantly from the boutique environment. I was able to work alongside the managing directors on a multitude of deals involving the consumer product as well as food & beverage industries. Working in teams with senior members, I frequently assisted in the drafting and development of information memorandums, pitch books, management presentations, and articles for publication. Other common activities included financial modeling, valuations, selected industry and company research, and marketing for active and potential deals. As a liberal arts major I was unsure of what exactly to expect from working at an investment bank, however I can safely say that my experience has vastly exceeded my expectations and I now intend to pursue a career in investment banking. The training and experience that I have acquired from Tully & Holland has given me a solid background that will undoubtedly help me launch my career"

Featured Analyst Summer 2007

Matthias Bergin
Georgetown University - Class of 2008

Matt Bergin is a senior at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, with a double major in Finance and International Business. On campus, Bergin complements his studies with involvement in the Georgetown University Student Investment Fund and competes as a member of the Varsity Sailing Team. Prior to joining Tully & Holland, Bergin interned at the Washington DC branch of Smith Barney Citigroup and in the Finance & Administration Department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Born in Paris, France, Bergin speaks French fluently and recently spent time studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. He enjoys running, reading, sailing, and travel.

"As an analyst at Tully & Holland, I acquired hands-on experience in investment banking, working with Managing Directors on a variety of transactions in the consumer products industry. My responsibilities included preparing presentation materials, attending and assisting in pitch meetings to prospective clients, building financial models, conducting research for ongoing and potential deals, valuing businesses with discounted cash flow and other techniques, and drafting numerous articles for submission to trade publications. The enormous exposure and skills I obtained at Tully & Holland will be instrumental in my pursuit of a career in investment banking. I am extremely thankful for the learning and guidance the first rate professionals at Tully & Holland gave to me."