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On behalf of the buyer, Tully & Holland conducts searches, negotiates and structures the transaction and follows through to closing. more info >>

Private Placements

Tully & Holland is licensed to assist clients in raising equity and debt for expansion, acquisitions or recapitalizations.
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Tully & Holland provides valuation services to current and prospective clients. more info >>

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T & H Market Trends Index

LTM as of 2/11/2014

< 25   05.28x   0.79x
25 - 100   06.66x   1.17x
100 - 250   06.73x   1.47x
250 - 500     7.24x   1.39x
> 500     8.05x   2.29x

Source: Capital IQ
Data includes multiples between 3x and 25x excluding real estate and telecommunications transactions.


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Tully & Holland
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About Tully & Holland

Tully & Holland’s commitment to our clients reflects a seasoned management team deeply involved in all phases of a transaction process in which our client’s goals and objectives are valued above all else. Our business philosophy is characterized by these six guiding principles:


Tully & Holland specializes in highly complex transactions, custom designing financial solutions for the unique needs of each client.

Every member selected to comprise a client relationship team has deep financial and operational experience at leading investment firms and consumer product companies.

Every transaction and all client-related information is handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


The needs of our client and their business are our priority and drive our success.


A senior management team will be carefully selected to work tirelessly through every phase of the transaction until the deal is closed.


Tully & Holland’s transaction success is facilitated by deep industry knowledge and long-term relationships with financial and strategic buyers around the world, resulting in many successful transactions since 1992.