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Tully & Holland is licensed to assist clients in raising equity and debt for expansion, acquisitions or recapitalizations.
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T & H Market Trends Index

LTM as of 1/29/2015

< 25     5.85x   1.50x
25 - 100     6.68x   1.39x
100 - 250     6.40x   1.42x
250 - 500     7.46x   2.24x
> 500     12.39x   4.31x

Source: Capital IQ
Data includes multiples between 3x and 25x excluding real estate and telecommunications transactions.


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Tully & Holland
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Tully & Holland is a leading investment banking advisory firm offering highly customized Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Placement, and Valuation services to Consumer Product companies in the US and abroad. Founded in 1992, we have grown into one of the most active investment banking firms in this sector. Our seasoned team brings decades of extensive industry expertise and the proven ability to successfully complete deals on behalf of our clients.

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For more than 20 years, Tully & Holland has focused on the Consumer sector. Our financial expertise in combination with our deep industry experience enables us to better understand the goals of our clients. The industry sectors we serve include Food & Beverage, Retail, Catalog & E-Commerce, and Consumer Discretionary. 

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Tully & Holland is CLIENT-CENTRIC focused.

Managing Director Commitment throughout the process.

Confidentiality drives our priorities.

Integrity is our promise.